4.English or Japanese only when you comment, no foreign language.

Few simple rules read it


being friend doesnt mean getting private mods

k...i been asked to give my Initial D Stage 1 pack to asker who didnt help, and been asking about the exaust mod thats on SaiaKun's blog find the link on ur own. but still Kim gets the ASS S13 cuz helping me kick nabs off. Being friends doesnt mean to have mods, its more liek not being friends. learn about it


GTA SA Drift Track: No.1 Big Ear

Tutorial for beginners


Yohsuke's B-day dorifuto

my b-day dorifuto vid


Fckin great news!

good news guys I dont have to move to japan so i have my computer with me! but Im moving to San Fransisco. I will miss all of my friend in RB. so anytime if u wanna see me ppls in RB, chat on FB, Myspace, and skype


I might no longer play SA-MP in next month :(

sad news guys
My dad couldnt find a job and we might get homeless. so we might move to japan but my Computer cant be brought bcuz delivering will cost alot and lose money if i dont have my computer, I will never ever will be on SA-MP:(
if I dont have money to get my computer deliverable, I'll be gone forever
the Initial D stage 1 carpack will be gone, all my mods will be gone, and everything. if I post this called "im gone forever" I'll never will be on SA-MP
so goodbye in next month ppls



Redsuns Cars Complete

Yay i made the Stage 1 FD3S and edited FC3S and S14

logo fix is by meh

soz but no downloads for FC3S or S14

FD3S is made by me
FC3S is by Kazuma
S14 is by Keisuke

Initial D Stage 1 Keisuke FD3S

i made Stage 1 keisuke FD3S the original model is from Juiced 2

Nakazato Takeshi R32 VS Takahashi Keisuke FD3S

U know I dont rly like this car cuz of the Big ass spoiler

Well thnx for looking and the download is in the side


Initial D Stage 1 Kenta's S14 Redsuns

K, I fixed up the logos on the Redsuns Nakamura Kenta's S14

this S14 is made by Keisuke and the Logo fix is fixed by me

im gunna fix the logo cuz its Fkin small


Initial D Stage 2 Takumi's AE86 Trueno

new hood

nice right?

AE86 vs S14
made by Sakaki, Stage 4 ver. edited by 41AEMI and Takumifuji01, Stage 2 ver. by me

Im back from japan

Im back


3 days left till I come back to SA-MP and America

days go fast arent they? Im gunna miss my friends in japan. had fun there.. well I`m gunna be back to modding, creating cars, and fix my friend`s mod(Im still busy with Cheeborghini GTA3 cheetah+Lamborghini that my friend made)Well hope ppls are doing fine in SA-MP, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube. I`ll be back to America in 3 days(07/19 monday)


1 week left before I come back

1 week left or japan been my good vacation in japan but laggy computer, cant upload pics and I been seeing so many riced cars(minivans with Big-ass Bumper, S13 with loud engine sound but slow, and blue bright LED light to make ppls blind) but I did saw so many awesome places I went to akihabara(I saw taxis, buisiness cars, and anime hoes) the air-guns(BBs, airsoft, and shits) looks soo real they had Striker shotgun, M4A1 with M203 grenade launcher, Spas-12, RPG-7, AK-17, and more from Call of duty series. Japan was awesome I`ll upload pics soon


Dont ask for cars

k I been getting comments on my Wangan midnight vid and ppls been asking for Raf`s Devil Z and my Blackbird. DONT ASK FOR THE DEVIL Z ITS NOT FOR PPLS WHOS NOT FRIENDS WITH ME! ITS ONLY FOR MY BEST FRIENDS. and dont ask Keisuke either he wont take request for carmods if u ask request, HATER, Kim, me, and most of Kei`s friend will FCKING KILL YOU!! l8r



the things I bought in japan

cuz its close to my birthday(07/26), my parents bought me these while were in japan

Initial D RedSuns FD3S, FC3S, and S14

Im putting them into GTA SA when I come back in 07/18

Takahashi Keisuke FD3S Project D ver.(cuz thats what it says on it)

Takahashi Ryosuke FC3S(Stage 4/stage 1 optional)

Nakamura Kenta S14(Stage 1)