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finished what i needed to finish-The Onevia.....

since 2010 is close to the end, ive finished my last 2010 car which is the Onevia. this car took about weeks or so to do. ive mixed this car with FM3 Silvia i did, and NFS Prostreet 240SX. this car will be in the newest vid thats going to be uploaded tommorow called "The Beggining of 2011".


RanZ's real name

kk well if you ppls didnt notice RanZ is El-Alex which is the noob who spam-asks, steals mods, and doesnt give credit of the original creator of the car. as he edited Keisuke FD3S which ive made and released long time ago and did not gave my credit. dont send him your priv. mods and shits. and he'll also say shits to your youtube vids too.

this is new El-alex's new youtube. he still has his old youtube also. and his blog is same link as always. SAS_car, Yoshi, Keiichi, and me knows that hes El-Alex. becareful of giving something to someone or getting something from someone.(note:if you see Keisuke FD3S on El-Alex/RanZ's msn thats actually the FD by Ryowata(Ryowatanabe) and edited by me. the proof is the Miku cursor thats in the pic


Datsun 432Z RELEASED

im releasing this Stock 432Z. but dont edit this car without asking or DELETED


Merry X-mas

Merry X-mas guys :) hope everyone is happy with your family, having good presents, and good christmas days :). and i also updated my blog to newer version since its goin to be the 2011 and the downloads stuff are in the lower left too if you didnt notice


Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX FM3

this is another forza convert which is going to be released. the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. thnx to Daijiro for helping me with the wheel bug i been having :D so so far most of it on this car is done. but this car will not work in SA-MP without sobeit cuz this changed the vehicle.ide line but i found how to make it work with sobeit i'll tell the tut when i release these cars. heres the pics

これわForzaからコンヴァートしたMitsubishi Eclipse GSXです。まーこれわSAMPでわたいやがちょとへんになりますだからSobeitおつかっといたほうがいーです(SobeitがVehicle.ideおつけるかわかんないけど)。Daijiroさんがこのタイヤのバグおてつだいまして、ありがたいです。

Coming soon for Download



alright now im releasing some of the FM3 cars ive made, which is goin to be stock cars that is Nissan S13, Nissan S14,Infiniti G35(Nissan Skyline 350GT) and Mitubishi Eclipse GSX. though promise me but dont edit the cars without permission or i wont be releasing mods again.
car progress
Nissan SilviaK S13-100%-done
Mitsubishi Eclipse-100%-done, but it will not work in SAMP cuz of edited vehicle.ide
Nissan SilviaK S14-0%-in progress
Infiniti Skyline 350GT-havent started yet
well just keep watchin the blog for updates

もうすぐおれがコンヴァートしたForza3のくるまおダウンロードにだします、でもぜんぶチューニングわしてねーけどな。だすくるまわNissan Silviak S13,Nissan SilviaK S14,Nissan350GT、Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX。だが俺のくるま聞かずにかいぞうしたらもうだうんろーどにわだしません。
Nissan SilviaK S13-100%-カンセイシタ
Mitsubishi Eclipse-100%-かんせいした、ただSAMPでわうごきません
Nissan SilviaK S14-0%-ちょうどはじめた
Infiniti Skyline 350GT-0%はじめてわない

Nissan SilviaK S13 FM3 convert

this is another FM3 converted car i did which is the Nissan SilviaK S13. Ive made the door and most of the bugs fixed. and i also made the Shinagawa plate for this too. this car will be out soon with the other 3 FM3 cars im making.

thts all l8r and if your gonna say that it looks like Tom2's, his are also from FM3 so dont say shits that it looks alike


Keiichi's Bday gift-Mazota ZupraX-7 SD3S

well this is MazotaX7 which is a car i fused with FM3 Supra and Sakaki's FD3S. and ive added a rim which is converted by Matheus. it looked awesome than i thought also. nobody get this car except for Keiichi



theres reasons i believe that Redzoeu who commented on my blog isnt real
1.He speaks better english around the "Im" part in this line(from shoutbox)
[RS]REDZOEU[AD] i hate RS.....RS is n00b clan...****ing quit from RS !!...dont ask me why...
shudnt that part be "I"? I been knowing Redzoeu when i started to play SA-MP. from the past and i know that he speaks better english.
2.He would never say RS is gay if he has his RS tag on his name.(note:look at the shoutbox which has Redzoeu's name) so yeah it maybe another Bulgarian noob or Anonym who commented after fake Redzoeu.
3.I looked at real Redzoeu's ip and fake redzoeu's ip and i found out that the IP is different
fake redzoeu's ip
so if you want to hax his pc, go ahead and hack it

whoever tries to become someone, that guy is a real fucktard


Nissan S15 Submotoring edition(Mimi's remake)

well this is another Mimi's remake which is the S15 Submotoring edition. Thnx to Daijiro for sending me the body pj, and ive made the window logo by myself(dai sented me teh window logo but i was lazy to add em so i left it as what i did). and the car is also converted from FM3. enjoy the pics.

Honda NSX Veilside

this is the NSX Veilside from Juiced 2. ive made them into sa and looks good in the end. ive added Akita plate in front and Veilside plate in the back and i also used actual veilside logo on the hood. well this car is private ofc cuz look at the license plate part of 660 which is known as private vehicle


Wangan Midnight Blackbird Porsche 911(Movie ver,)

well ive done the blackbird Porsche 911 Turbo. Ive made this car out of FM3 porsche, and ive used DK wheel shop rim. its not done yet cuz the seat and some part isnt done well just enjoy the pic.

the main cars 2/3


Wangan Midnight Devil Z progress part 2...

this is the progress of the Z, ive added plate, rollcage, and openable hood and trunk. well heres the pics, so enjoy

rollcage as its same as the movie
hood opens like actual Z

ditchin out of school lol