4.English or Japanese only when you comment, no foreign language.

Few simple rules read it


k-Post about me being Racist removed

okk since ppls didnt seems to like tht post, i removed it. comments in shoutbox arent remove tho. im not pissed or being mad about what ppls said about the post :)

I apologize for being racist


Death Race Mod 2.0 Car-Frankenstein FC3S


But theres one bug -.- this is what is the bug is...
Door is upside down, but it will go fine when you enter the car from both doors(that means you have to leave the driver seat door open, then go in from the passenger seat)
If anyone knows how to fix this bug, plz lemme know and i'll fix it


Mr.Bullshitter Vol 1.2

Yes heres Mr.Bullshitter Vol 1.2(bcuz this only have less than 3 ppls), now i stopped getting bullshits from the two guys Wataru and Excel, but one lil nigger Kingsalivo doesnt give up being a ass lol.

Mr.Bullshitter #1-Kingsalivo
ohh yeas again, Hes just a asshole who doesnt give up fighting like an ass lol, this nigger always luvs to fight and always show himself naked on FB, and Myspace lol. As you can see on this pic, He blames me for SDU to be shutted down when i didnt do crap LOL, its maybe bcuz the computer power system was burnt or the computer broke. Salivo, if u hate me so much, then why dont you fuck off eh? yea thats like the best thing to do for a nigger like you u ultra black non-giving up nigga, you cant handle us Asians, now fuck off Nigger.(this one im actually serious, if u hate Asians, that means u hate Japanese D1GP drifters)You and i are no longer friends even tho we been drifting when i began SAMP

Mr.Bullshitter #2-Lance
lol theres nuthing to say, He just wanted to be in the bullshitters XD, dont insult him for being in the bullshitters tho, if u did u will be in the 2nd volume of this XD


Mr.Bullshitter Vol 1

this is a post about the Bullshitters/assholes on SAMP and on world of chatting. here is the player list

Mr.Bullshitter #1-Excel24
yes, of course everyone knows hes a king of bullshitter bcuz whatever he does is rant people's mods/creation/videos. He ban any people thats in his way when he was the one who is bad(doing Sobeit R ram on players who didnt do anything to him and ban) He just says bullshits to one of their car a Onevia. What Excel thinks is a real stupid way of thinking"He doesnt like other peoples to make the same copy of Onevia" but LOL Excel doesnt give his Onevia to some peoples he doesnt know or he doesnt like, but people's make replica bcuz they dont get the actual mod. they had no choice but to make their own and keep it private or public. Why would you add it as a Overdose when its your look-alike car Excel? Try to think next time before saying bullshit again.

Mr Bullshitter #2-Wataru
Oh yes just like in the older post, this guy Wataru been going through clans to get the clan car and leave. When i 1st met him in RS server probably, and i was talking with a friend of mine that ive finished the car he thought and i made it into, then Wataru interrupts in like he wants the car to trade the car that he doesnt even have. after he added me on msn, he kept asking for mods, one day he asked for enb by trying to talk in a good man, but i refused about giving my enb. then after he stopped talking, he asked my friend Keiichi to send my Enb to him and then send to Wataru. but that was a real fail for him bcuz Keiichi showed me the pic of him saying that. days after he stopped asking which is about months after, I was talking with Jonhalda and Wataru was talking shit about me when hes a person who always stays at home and play game and never go outside which Excel does lot of times. If i was Wataru i would not do that and go outside for mostly at daytime.
Mr Bullshitter #3-Kingsalivo
Yeap heres Kingsalivo who chat-fighted Initial for no reason but listening to Excel's lie LOL. He said we are childish when hes the one who comes and fights for no reason, which is childish to do. Salivo used to be my friend when i started to play SAMP but since a year, he started to go with ExcelShithead just bcuz he got the overdose and assed fuck understeering Excel's line. I just think this is sooo a betrayal, Initial and I been friend with Salivo for long time and then he betrays as he is childish nigger. I didnt had any harm to him but since then he said crap about me on msn, iam like betrayed.

Vol 2 is coming soon, if you have to say bullshit about this, im adding your ip or your name on Vol 2 of Mr.Bullshitter

Onevia Update

heres the Onevia ive updated. nuthin much is updated in the back but the front and wheel is updated. I found sum RSP13 parts from sum site and it also had 3d engine in it. So i used that engine and the parts and then heres the result. Enjoy the pics lol


Death Race Mod 2.0 cars

yoo guys im making the Death Race 2.0 cars now. and so far this post will be changing its pic most times or you can click the tab to see it ^ ^ so far ive got to here
FC3S Frankenstein-still in prog with the interior

Cars List
Hilux(Raf gave meh a idea for that car XD)-Machine Gun Joe(getting permission from the creator if i can use it tho, if not...then gotta change the car)
Skyline R32-Grim Reaper
Eunos Roadster-Colt
Toyota Crown-Siad(getting permission if i can edit it if not, changing)
Mitsubishi GTO-Riggins
RX7 FD3S-player(which is your car ingame)


OMFG RLY? Wataru ur an asshole

So yea Jonhalda sented me this pic, and Wataru said shits about me. And yeap as you can see, this is in spanish but Jonhalda told me what he said about spanish it says a insult about me.

and Wataru u been begging for my mods when you met me in some server. Also asked for my enb even tho i refused it, you asked Keiichi to send my enb to him and then send it to you! now you joined SDU to get Excel's Overdosed Onevia. you rly fucked up Wataru U ARE A REAL ASSHOLE, U JOINED SDU FOR JUST A FUCKIN CAR!!!!!!!!!!! KingSalivo is also being a ass too, He just gets Excel's back for no reason, He is just nothing who just involved into this stupid war. SDU IS A DUMBASS SERVER!!! EXCEL IS A 5 year old asshole, if you goto SDU, Excel will just do anything he wants like ban ppls for no reason and ram ppls bcuz he thinks hes a king of the internet and hes just a Hikikomori!!! If you want to get out of the Noob server SDU which is Shitholes DOnkey Union(Regz thought of that XD) goto Paramount Gaming while we were in SDU for long time EVERYTHING CHANGED to good community, its not like Excel's uber-noob community like in the old Drift Andreas. and also this is a really good time for Excel to quit for real. If he continues to act like Spinno, He will definitely become a noob, and if you still follow Excel, you will become a real noob. Heres the ip for Paramount Gaming, guys who got Excel's back are real noobs.

Community will never change, Excel will just make it worse....
Listen to this music, read the lyric and you can understand how Excel is controlling ppls


Datsun 432Z DEATH RACE

yoo, After i made that vid and joined the DRM team(Death Race mod) ive started to work on the Death Race cars that is going to be released. But well uhh, this 432Z wont be released bcuz this is my Personal car i made like in last December. And ive updated a little stuffs on the back bcuz i messed up on the shield. and fixed the hood bugs. Enjoy the pics and the releasing DR car pics will be there soon and the download will be in the DR mod 2.0 which is in progress.

LOL everything is attached from the under XD

new page will be on soon when i done sum DR cars "old Japanese edition"(90's JDM cars)


Excel's death vid

so yea i made a vote of if i shud make Yohsuke vs Excel and so i made a vid as ppls liked it. This vid took 2 days to make bcuz i was thinking of a storyline yesterday. and So far when i finished it i was impressed of myself when i made this vid. I felt like im freshed, finally got the stuff im annoyed to get it off XD. Reason i made this vid is bcuz Excel criticized lot of people's creation/mods/videos. and He doesnt deserve to do that just bcuz hes popular. and this is the reason i made this vid, nobody was not brave enough to make a vid like this or do it, and a guy like me just actually made it. Enjoy



So yea im back. I heard from Sultan and Dr1ftee that community in Paramount Gaming are better than SDU(which means not alot of chat-fighting like in SDU, No more being as a friend for mods, and being nice to each other just like when RS server was there). So yea here Im back but in 3c good community Paramount Gaming :)
heres the ip if you want to see me to see as a friend...not to get mods


"Someday a good and loyal person will change the community...

WTF Excel, theres LOT OF REASONS that you are being a bullshit and being a fag. In 0.3a, when Vaz hosted Redsuns server, the community was not bad AT ALL, everyone was nice, kind, not negative like Excel. After Excel hosted the SDU server and before it became December in 2010, people changed to dark side. Thats where they changed, bcuz of Fuckin Excel, He changed all the good community in 0.3a to hell community. Bcuz of Excel, he changed the community, Bcuz of Excel's negative reply and insults on people's creation, Everyone lost their respect, Bcuz of Excel, He killed the community. all he cares about is making people as his slave, by controlling peoples and thinks as he is being the king in the world of 2D...but from me, Excel is more of a Terrorist in 2D world and a Hikikomori in real.(for the meaning of Hikikomori, look below this post). Peoples will never know until one person says the "point". And you like to call people a "ricer" just bcuz they make better GTA stuffs than you. why would you like to be popular on internet? People doesnt get popular in internet! People gets popular in REAL! the way people thinks to become popular on internet is known as NEET. And in the end, they'll no longer have money to pay their bills and everything you did sticking to the computer for days, months or years will all disappear. bcuz you dont go outside and stay on computer.
Even if you follow Excel, community will not change...
Excel played the greatest trick of the 3a Community....If he didnt play that lie and trick, this would've not happend....Everything wouldve been fine...People wouldve not fighted like this. History...can be made by thing you done....but cannot be changed unless a good person changes it...

"Someday a good and loyal person will change the community...not like a person who would act like a "god" of SAMP"(Yohsuke's quote 04/14/2011 10:41pm)

thats all i will say...for now

Words and what it means
Hikikomori-Person who is inside the house for the whole days and years
NEET-Person who failed college, and it does the same thing as Hikikomori

Here is a small Novel I made based off of what i did in SAMP
Through these days in SAMP Community....I started out as a noob playing in Drift Andreas....I asked many peoples for mods...When i think about that now, I was really stupid in the past...another day in DA I was asked if i want to join the [HKS] clan and i said yes. I joined that team and that is the 1st clan i joined when i was in SAMP. I drifted with Handbrake the most with stock Elegy cuz i was stupid to learn to drift. I used lot of lines on various cars...and one of my favorite car was Datsun 280Z. I added a grippy line on it too. I was more of a Gripper than a drifter in that time...days later on DA, I went out of most of the clan except for HKS. and some days later about in summer, i became a modder...1st car i edited was Keisuke's Datsun 240Z(the old and bugged up one). DA moved to 0.3b that day and i played at one of the HKS member's server "The Redsuns server". Since it was summer and i was going to japan, i didnt make lot of mods...While i was in Japan i wasnt choosing to ask for mods but it was the car i really wanted so i asked and he said yes long as i dont send it out and it was my early B-day gift. After i returned from Japan, and played SAMP, I mostly drifted with the car which was my bday gift. Since i got the B-day gift, i thought of giving a thanks for a good friend. i edited his car that he and a japanese modder edited. all i can do was attach and detach parts that day. and i fixed that car wheel to better version. I didnt really make good GTA mods last year but since then, i got into Hatsune Miku and after that i started to make good mods. Mostly Hatsune Miku became popular on SAMP community when i luved Miku. There was a friend who sented me Naruto skins. Since i had the skins, i thought of making anime ones to GTA version. Narutama Tobi rap was the 1st video that was made in youtube, and i started to make more Short clip series Narutama. The days went fast, and it became Winter...I made the hit GTA video "2010 last drifts" that video became a hit with Miku's music and the video. I was thinking that community will be good in 2011 never did. there was a man hiding in the dark side and never was brought to the bright part. RS server was shutted down due to hoster's internet lag. and then the dark one made his wrong action...he thought of changing the community that failed really badly. and that person who did the wrong action was....Excel, the community changed to really bad community after Excel started to negatively reply/made the Japanese Overdose. peoples lost his respect, and i also lost my respect to Excel too, because he called the replica that its ridiculous. and the E15 is a stupid idea, and Dw Elegy a riced car. and the fight was starting with my friends to friends. So i chose was to quit SAMP, and why i said Excel ruined everything is bcuz of fights and broken friendship of SAMP community after Vaz's internet died...
This Novel will continue still....This is not a complete Novel, It is made of small parts of that days and scene. I will make a page on the blog of this Novel and soon as i complete it, I will post the story....


Fuckin had enough-I quit SAMP

well i just thought of fuckin Quitting SAMP cuz of these reasons(this doesnt mean im quitting GTA though)
1.found out Excel is being a liar trolling people to hate Initial and ranting other ppls carmods. and I dont fuckin like that, I take those shits seriously
2.Too many fighting
3.cares about mods than friendship(the fuck is wrong with them?! i thought they were like my friend D: well sum of them ofc.)(but theres still some who cares about friendship like Keiichi, Raf, Reece, Keisuke, Ryosuke, and more :)
4.Being a baby, just likes to hate each other, fights on internet.
5.Again, Excel is being an ass on people's mods and videos. Like he said shit on most of good modder's cars how worst they are(Negative replies with post)

so yea thats the reason im fuckin quitting SAMP and staying in Single Player.

and Excel or Vertex if your reading this i dont fuckin care if you ban me from ur server cuz im not stuck in the 2D world and staying inside the home for 24 hours.

of course i'll still make mods but bcuz of Excel's bullshit that made everyone change, I QUIT SAMP!
fuckbye SAMP


Ripped page of my SAMP Chapter/Off of SAMP for awhile...

So yea, I just did made a replica looking Excel's Onevia. and everyone seemed to be pissed and complaining at it. It wasnt my idea, it was Initial, he just wanted me to do the editing for it and THATS ALL HE WANTED ME TO DO, why would people like to start complaining just bcuz it looks alike WHEN IT DOESNT?! well 1st of all, whats the fuckin point of hating each other? whats the point of recruiting people to make ppls hate that person when some doesnt know who that person is or what he/her done? Whats the point of making a lie that the person didnt do to make him get hated? The question like these can be found by you. not from other peoples. not from your family, your friend, or on the internet. but one question is this i can answer, the question is "whats the point of making a replica?" the answer for that is...its bcuz the original owner doesn't send it bcuz he cant trust you. well for me, Im not "those kind" who asks for complete model of the mod. That is why, peoples makes replica of that car. People just fights like baby on internet now, peoples somehow loves to complain with replica and how and why people is a noob when in real life he/she is not. more like Hikikomori/NEET are now on computer for 24/7. lot of people will just talk like theyre the king/queen of the game when theyre real life, was like a asshole/more good at that. Its not like the end of the world of how the shits are going to end with just a car from the computer. Im tired of this bullshit baby complaining shits. Im not going to be on SA-MP for awhile, until this complaining like baby ends...but I'll still mod, not the freetime custom creation modding for nothing but mods that im using for vids(Narutama, and movie props like that). those mods can be noticed from my videos.

Iam away from SAMP for now....


Astanti wheel from FM3

yo, it been a week not releasing rims but since the nabs and ppls didnt understand with "Asking for mods", i didnt upload or rigged any rims. but since that shit is over, i had rigged Astanti(Luxury rims) but one rim(Astanti AF140)seemed to bug up so I'll upload it when i get it fixed :)


But i didnt fucking know anything :O

omfg, I didnt fuckin know what the shit was going on in SDU when Initial was banned. I wasnt fuckin on SAMP lately so I DONT KNOW! Its just a Onevia that looks like Excel's! wtf will it do? is it the end of the world? NO! it does not. so stop fuckin chat fighting in my shoutbox and youtube for FFS. just fight with PM not publically on youtube commenting. its looks like samp community ripping the friendship apart now. Thats why most of the people are leaving GTA and some stays in Single player. so yea stop fighting with this shit for real.


Initial D Keisuke FD3S A-spec ver. remodeled

well the last time when i edited this car. it still had bug so, i fixed up the car again. Here is the FD by Ryowatanabe. I made the MS-02, new plate, new shadow and added FM3 FD interior. there are no downloads so dont ask and shit. if you did, your baka.


added the Rotary logo

MS-02 rim...really good quality too XD

its bcuz Len is small the hand doesnt reach the steering wheel LOL
Dont ask me where i got this car from ok? it was from my B-day gift from last year


the original of teh excel sorta Onevia....

so yea, there was a complainment about who did the original Onevia so ye, i made this original version of the post. heres what it looks like in the original Onevia.....

as you can see, heres the sideskirt that isnt correctly fixed
the bumper isnt abit out
if i dont turn the light on, it'll look like this but if you turn light on....
here it'll look like this
no sun roof is there yet
there isnt light on the bumper either.
Initial wanted meh to do a lil edit on this car and I dont really know who made this car. so i did a edit and actually liked the result of the editing, so i made a post.


Excel's Onevia-sorta

so yea, a friend of mine sented me this Onevia and he wanted me to edit it up a lil like the one in Sarah or Excel's vid. Even tho the front bumper looked like one in Sarah's, soo i did the Onevia in Sarah's vid. and i added the spoiler as extra. and i made the sun roof. and this car wont be Released or to be sented cuz this was from a lil editing request from a good friend. SO NOBODY WILL GET THIS CAR >:D

and here the video of the Onevia i based off of....