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Mr.Bullshitter Vol 1

this is a post about the Bullshitters/assholes on SAMP and on world of chatting. here is the player list

Mr.Bullshitter #1-Excel24
yes, of course everyone knows hes a king of bullshitter bcuz whatever he does is rant people's mods/creation/videos. He ban any people thats in his way when he was the one who is bad(doing Sobeit R ram on players who didnt do anything to him and ban) He just says bullshits to one of their car a Onevia. What Excel thinks is a real stupid way of thinking"He doesnt like other peoples to make the same copy of Onevia" but LOL Excel doesnt give his Onevia to some peoples he doesnt know or he doesnt like, but people's make replica bcuz they dont get the actual mod. they had no choice but to make their own and keep it private or public. Why would you add it as a Overdose when its your look-alike car Excel? Try to think next time before saying bullshit again.

Mr Bullshitter #2-Wataru
Oh yes just like in the older post, this guy Wataru been going through clans to get the clan car and leave. When i 1st met him in RS server probably, and i was talking with a friend of mine that ive finished the car he thought and i made it into, then Wataru interrupts in like he wants the car to trade the car that he doesnt even have. after he added me on msn, he kept asking for mods, one day he asked for enb by trying to talk in a good man, but i refused about giving my enb. then after he stopped talking, he asked my friend Keiichi to send my Enb to him and then send to Wataru. but that was a real fail for him bcuz Keiichi showed me the pic of him saying that. days after he stopped asking which is about months after, I was talking with Jonhalda and Wataru was talking shit about me when hes a person who always stays at home and play game and never go outside which Excel does lot of times. If i was Wataru i would not do that and go outside for mostly at daytime.
Mr Bullshitter #3-Kingsalivo
Yeap heres Kingsalivo who chat-fighted Initial for no reason but listening to Excel's lie LOL. He said we are childish when hes the one who comes and fights for no reason, which is childish to do. Salivo used to be my friend when i started to play SAMP but since a year, he started to go with ExcelShithead just bcuz he got the overdose and assed fuck understeering Excel's line. I just think this is sooo a betrayal, Initial and I been friend with Salivo for long time and then he betrays as he is childish nigger. I didnt had any harm to him but since then he said crap about me on msn, iam like betrayed.

Vol 2 is coming soon, if you have to say bullshit about this, im adding your ip or your name on Vol 2 of Mr.Bullshitter

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