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More of "Mod addict" in FB now....

Yeap there was more mod asking on FB, which I really want to Glock em. So yea like i said long time ago, im fckin tired of the mod asking craps. People are really becoming stupid to just be a Mod addict or a DRUG ADDICT instead of being friends. That actually pisses me off, Just for mods. you add me on FB or msn. I call them "Those kind of People" If i only hear mod asking instead of friendship. I wont be respecting people no more bcuz you guys only care about drugs. I wont respect to drug addicts, I dont take drugs, when i feel like im in a pain, I dont take any drugs or alcohol. Those pain heals in one day but mostly drug addicts uses drugs to make themself more in pain. But in internet, almost ALL the peoples are in Mod addicts. Im really tired of guys just asking for mods, so yea No more telling me what to do, No more mod asking, No more anything unless it said so. READ the rules for more details.

If you cannot read this, your an asshole bish.


Dorift Community 0.3c is BACK

yeap its finally back, the server is back online :D heres the server IP btw

enjoy dorifting :D


Yohsuke Onevia Update 05/27/2011

So yea another update before June lol, I didnt really do that much on the body but added lot of stuffs. I re-uv Mapped the 240SX front to S13 so i can make the do PJ on this car :D. I added TV screen that is by Nelly, DK Wheel Shop's Sparco Steering, Exhaust from KEISUKE's X-mas pack and Yoko's Sniper. And Ofc. No download so yea you can just Replicate it if you want to lol.

Yoko's Sniper
Lock n' Loaded
Shinsengumi login screen



Mr.Bullshitter Vol 2

ok more bullshitters just in 2 days lol this time its 1 person on youtube here we gow with Vol 2.
Mr.Bullshitter#1-Edut88(Aka Tatanka)-oh yes, he just loves to say crap and tells people to fuck off like Excel or Johnathan the pornlover. Even though its not even his vid which is my Tsuchiya Keiichi vid. He really loves to say crap and that is why he takes crap in the restroom at school cuz he cant hold it LOL. this person is just a another idiot off from youtube. Tell him to not take more crap around the places cuz his crap smells so bad.
Mr.Bullshitter#2-SchmitzD3 (Aka Tatanka's backup account)
Oh yeas Tatanka made another account to say more crap to various people when he get blocked. He just changed the place where he lives to become a fake Hitler's loverboy and also Excel's loverboy.

Well i dont care if u want to say bullshit to them but i should say we should say crap to them for saying Tsuchiya Keiichi's 86 a worst car when they have it. Well l8r

Note:If you see yourself on it, Dont go taking a crap on servers bcuz we dont even have a person to clean it up.


Random Snap:cars and stuffs

さいきんDA Revengeの動画をつくってるためあまりModsのSSだしてません。でぼくがまえつくったModsのSSをとりました。

KuroiOnevia by Keisuke, BMW Z4 Miku by Foxy, R32 Mines by Yohsuke




Nissan S15 Submotoring G-kon UPDATED

heres the updated Submotoring's S15 G-kon replica. I replaced the carparts with J2 parts, and used Daijiro's Work Meister that He gave me when i made my Onevia V3. and again this car is private so never ask.
Submotoring&Mimi-original/creater of the original car


w0w rly?! cant u read the rules?

yes again and again and this goes for the whole months and years. YES the private mods spam-asking. I been getting so many begging for my Onevia, Death Race cars, M34 and the cars that are private. Im like pissed off bcuz you guys doesnt read teh FUCKING RULE! Most shits are coming from Facebook so im starting to block anyone who i dont know and adds me and starts talking about sending/trading mods but not being friend. being friends doesnt mean you get private cars if you guys didnt know, im fuckin tired of assholes keeps begging for private cars. If u want to get my cars i have GO MAKE YOUR OWN REPLICA For fuck sake, if you cant make your own LEARN IT FROM READING FORUMS!
When i started my SAMP, I did ask for mods and was being a noob. after i became a modder, when i wasnt popular like now, some of the people came to me by being friends and not for being friends for mods. But now, random peoples comes for just mod asking as a real fag. Whoever thought of this is a real asshole! Learn to be friend instead of being a mod asker. that is known as a "NOOB"

and that is why i made replica of Mimi's and Excel's,

I had removed anyone who asked for mods and the person who randomly added me

Onevia Update 5/14/2011

well yesterday ive updated my Enb and started to update my Onevia with a little bit of stuff on it :D Daijiro sented meh teh Work Meister wheels for this car to use(thx to Daijiro for the wheels). and ive changed the height of the back spoiler which is from FM3, and also added neons and omni lights. and again yea the engine was found on sum site i forgot. Enjoy the pics and if u wanna make the replica of this, you can

wheel by Daijiro

Neons and Omini lights YEAAAA XDD



truth of Excel's Onevia-Stolen bumper piece

yea, I found out something when i was trying out some bumper parts on my Onevia rear bumper. I was checking through Kei's download for S13(i check cars 1st before i ask the original) and what i found is this....

Yea, What the hell is this?! Its the bumper piece thats on Excel's ultimate Rice Onevia!

and i found this in one of Keisuke's car download. and wheres the credit for his bumper piece? :o
Excel said he scratched the whole car but he did not. all he did is take parts from people's carparts and putted them into his onevia(his chassis of Onevia was actually made in scratch but not the others). This S13 Uras post date was created before Excel made his Onevia!

Even if Excel says that he scratched the bumper and whine like a baby(High pitch)I DiD tHe ScrATch mAkINg oN ThE OnEviA BuMpEr!!! Its your fault that you didnt add name on the credit Excel, Next time when you gets pissed off for no reason, try taking a chill pill and buy a pair of adult diaper so you dont have to jizz in your pants LOL
but anyway the car is by Reimu, and Keisuke edited it for his friend(which says on his post) though Excel get pissed off bcuz he goes crazy when he hears the word "REPLICA" even though Replica is created bcuz lot of ppls doesnt get the original car (like Excel's Onevia or mimi's cars).
So they have no choice but to make their own replica bcuz they want it but Excel says "No No no, Dont make replicas fuck offf" and then he does overdose post just bcuz he hates it. but WTF?! Just bcuz you hate it doesnt mean its a overdosed car FFS. Excel/James mustve been called a girl in a baseball game/fight and James got abit sad/upset for that.

Excel mustve got upset and cried at home when hes like 5 year old. Well whenever you see Excel, dont go insulting him bcuz he was called as a "girl" and this joke is wayy old so it wont be like funny or sumthing

thats all i say for now-L8r


Nissan S13 Itasha style

Ive finished teh S13 that i had it wip, Ive finished it as Itasha style :), Ive added sum parts for this car also, and the PJ of Miku and Black★Rock Shooter. Ive made the new license plate out of Nelly's plate mod. Enjoy the pics :)