4.English or Japanese only when you comment, no foreign language.

Few simple rules read it


meanwhile...what am i doing?

well meanwhile, What im doing is....
1.Im taking many picture of Japan Yokohama since i live near there after i moved. Ive mostly seen Silvia 2 S14 Zenki and VW Bus Keicar around Tokyu store, Stock R32 and R34 when i was on train to Shibuya and back. Anyway heres sum pic of Yokohama. I did not take any pics of the cars since i dont want to be the ass taking pictures.
heres Hikawamaru.
Chinatown in Yokohama. Theres one good tip here, when its lunch. You'll able to eat stuffs around here in good price :)
And ingame, I got GTA SA to work on my laptop but one prob is that SA lags as fuck when enb is on or if it records. So yeah im not completly back into SAMP or SA yet but meanwhile, i use my SA to test out my mods for vids. here are the pics
BRS with new clothes

well thats all for now, When im back, i will make a post and a comeback vid so l8r :)

Re:ped riggings

So yea most of the people who want me to rig the models to SA ped doesnt understand what i mean bcuz they are not reading the stuffs above. Im saying that I will convert your ped model unless you send me the 3ds/obj file of that model. It has to contain 3d mesh model of a human looking or I cannot rig it to SA, I wont make any scratch models for you and YOU have to have a model or no peds rigged, So I will not rig from MMD, I will delete any comment that doesnt have 3ds/obj link to ped model, if its JP plate thing, just give me the prefecture, and the 4 digits number and all that says in the requesting zone.

l8r, Yohsuke


Ped mods request are allowed

yo guys, 3D max works on this laptop now. And since its summer, im going to take request of creating ped mods to SA. but you will need these required to make them into ped.

1.You'll need to give me the model link of the 3d model that you want me to convert to SA(3DS or Obj format only)

2.After you sent me the 3ds/obj model. wait till its rigged.

Important rules READ CAREFULLY
1.Even if you found the skin i rigged and your asking for it, Dont. you will not have tht skin unless you give me link for the 3ds/obj format model
2.If you ask anything very off topic, ban so NO advertising, asking for skin from older posts, or being a bullshitter.

Any message that doesnt have link to the model or saying "Please" in another message will be removed.
2nd try->Ban

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Random pics:MikuMikuDance

Since i was bored, i made some pics out of Miku Miku Dance. Heres some snap i made.


Holy fack?! Cod Copied Black Rock Shooter the game?!

This post isnt about modding and shit but tho, found out Cod copied off BRS the game. I just watched the new trailer of BRS the game. and I found out that Cod copied BRS the game bcuz from an year ago trailer of BRS, there was Brooklyn bridge shown in one of the trailer. And this year, Cod MW3 trailer was setted out but in New York as its in Am3rica. but when i compared both trailer, the map was fully the same, New York. here are the pics of the game trailer if u want to see.

Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3
Black Rock Shooter the game
Brooklyn Bridge
in MW3, Right there in the sign...Brooklyn
Hopefully, the game developer might start a Game warfare sumday when they find out lol. but im just sayin this fo fun, nothing to do lol


KEISUKE's b-day gift:13b Engine

Yo again, and this is kinda late for Kei's B-day gift but. I converted him a 13B engine from SLRR. this engine took bout 2 days or so and its actually good and pretty cool :). Nobody will have this engine but KEISUKE can.



Im in Japan nao

yes im no longer any american resident anymore but i still remember English. and im getting settled in this country and all. Im using my new laptop i last bought in america before i moved to japan but this laptop makes SA or L4D lag so only game i can play here is GTA Vice City, the old gta series. but anyway, im still not back in GTA but i been working on two cars while I been offline to get my internet to work.

this is a plain looking Initial D 86 that i made before BUT its not

4age 16 Valve engine converted from SLRR

car2: this is my comeback car

so yea these are teh car i been making while i didnt show up.



Request:custom Japanese plate

hey guys, ive started to do custom Japanese plate creating for Zmod parts, So uhh when you want me to create a cuztom Japanese plate, put like a comment below with THESE required:
1.your registration prefecture (Yokohama, Shinagawa, etc.)
2.Car type:Keicar(Ex.Submotoring K-truck)/Normal car(white plate)
3.4 digits(12-57, ****7, 77-77)
4.This is only license plate so it will not come with a car attached
and also please put your email so i can send the plate

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Nelly for Japanese plate


Death Race Mod 2.0 Car-Siad Toyota Crown Progress

For awhile, i havent created 2.0 Death Race cars bcuz i was busy with trying to stop the mod asking craps and removing mod asking assholes from my Facebook. Since those shit ended for now, i went back on creating Death Race cars. This is SIAD/Hell Billy's Toyota Crown as its based from BMW in Death Race. This car is by Jeson77 and i asked if i can edit his car and i got it approved. I mostly did lot of scratch making parts on this car and RE-uvmapping parts. This car isnt done still, its just the progress of how i did. So yea thats all for now, l8r