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Few simple rules read it


No more Requesting zone

Soz guys but I shutted down the requesting zone since I have busy life living in Japan. So yeah requesting zone are over and that is one of the reason theres no new mod pic posted.


Nissan Skyline R31 Saitama Police

yo guys, ima comeback with making post in English since i feel like english is my main language.
So uhh, while my pc was off, I been watching horror anime Higurashi no naku koro ni, I saw a R30 police in some scene and saw some random youtube vid of a crazy police car run with a R31 i remember seeing it. So i thought of making R31 Saitama police for the next GTA series, Black Bosozoku(or more like Kuro no Bosozoku). I used mostly used Kei's R32 police car for the parts and the pj(since i got approval from rly rly rly long time ago). The car is originally by Foxy and I done it :D this cop car is not for download or to be sent for dont ask.


Bday drift will be uploaded shortly

yo guys, my bday drift vid will be uploaded soon shortly, cuz I just finished making the bday dorift vid. But before i started making it, I actually had fun in my bday by going to Museum in Tokyo. Paul Klee's art and Science museum. And ate something good which is SUSHI XDD. and after that ate cake, and continued on editing video. so uhh the vid will be uploaded sooner or so. l8r

Im back :D

yoo guys, im back to SAMP drifting :D been about a month of being offline but im back now XDDD
here are my comeback vid plus today is 7/26, which is my BDAY i'll make my bday vid later or so too XD


Itz coming back....


Random Snap:Hinomaru Server





Mr.Bullshitter Vol 3

Back with MRBS, Now it been bout 2 or 3 months or so, Now heres some guys who been a bish to modder when they shudve not.

Yep today, I had a fight with him on MSN. About 2 months ago, When i made the Anomaro ver. BRS skin, He asked on videos i made on youtube .

Even on MSN

in the end, he blames Luis that he lost his gta mod files when Luis only watched but not controlling and deleting on teamviewer. Avail said that Luis hacked it at night but WOAH something is wrong.
1.why would you leave the computer on?
2.How would Luis go through teamviewer when Avail and Luis are not friends?
3.Why would I trust a guy who spam asked for last 5 months?

Avail, I wouldn't help a guy who just asks for mods. I only help guy who understands why i dont give out my work. So stop being a wannabe and be yourself!

Bullshitter#2-Takumifujiwara(Aka Keiichi's wannabe)
Ohh yes, This guy TakumiFujiwara. A wannabe of Keiichi Aka TakumiFuji01. That asshole used the name Takumifuji[TE] even though that NAME is completly the same as Keiichi's old name Takumifuji01. In the end, that asshole calls Keiichi a noob and Rage quit. heres the pic, thnx to Keiichi for teh pic :)
So mr. Takumi wannabe, stop being somebody and be yourself! and thats same as Avail!

yeap, this fool here. Witter, He luvs to Hack like Majimark the noob and say crap about other people's video. Luis nearly got his youtube hacked but that nab failed to hack it. So Luis had his account saved. Here are the proof of him being a bullshitter of insulting people's creation.

Witter, stop being a fag and be whatever you do in real life(Aka school stuffs)

there will be more soon since theres so many bullshitter this year and after years


ped mods requesting are over

well guys ima end the ped requesting thing cuz theres likely lot of reasons
1.people calls me a leecher when they saw the skin. Etc. stealer/same skin+copied
2.School stuffs etc. I dont have any break unless its sat or sunday.
3.People requested carmods when they shud not.

so guys Ped mods request are over BUT the one that was posted before this, I will do them.


Honda Civic EF9 STOCK Rfactor Convert


Window 100%ブラック☆ロックシューターGTASAVer.です。ダウンロードなし


Insane Black Rock shooter UPDATE

fixed and re-uv mapped some bugs.

TRD AE86 Trueno+Levin Rfactor Convert

きょうTRD AE86をRfactorからコンヴァートしました。テキシチャーがけっこうバグってました。それでもなんとかなおせました。ドアもちゃんとあけるようにしたし、それと86をおなじタイプの車にいれました。この車はダウンロードにはだしません。KEISUKEさんにけっこうRfactorのコンヴァージョンおしえてもらって、86をコンヴァートしました。




DEAL time is over

alright the mods and models i wanted had been traded so its over. Mostly I would like to Thank GTR and Bushiido for finding most of the mods and models i wanted :D

LinkGTR-Found Toyota Crown, and Window 100% Models

Bushiido-Project Diva models

Thank you for finding them :D ありがとう

Re:Mod trading deal

Oh k it been bout 3-5 days or so since Mod-trading been coming by. GTR mostly took the top list and the other sent me BRS model but wrong one(Anomaro's and ShadowIsis ones).

But hey, it happens, MMD models are hard to find. They dont post em like GTAinside. So yea, dont send me the Anomaro or ShadowIsis ones. Make sure you have the correct one too


Mod trading deal

So yea, it seems like u guys really like to beg even after i made a post. So I thought of a trading my mods for what i want.
these are teh cars/mods/mmd models i want...
1.Toyota Crown police-Dont need it anymore-GTR made the deal
2.MMD Window 100% Black Rock Shooter-still need someone to give it to meh D:
Project Diva/Dreamy Theater Models-DEALED by Bushido :3

If u trade em, u get to choose 3 cars or skin which is below...
what u can get when u trade:check the trade list for info
Trade list
Toyota Crown police car||2 mods from here-Trade for this is over
Windows 100% BRS model ||3 mods+Window 100% SA BRS skin(optional)
all Project Diva models || 5 mods+all Project Diva skins
all=5 mods+Window 100% BRS skin

when u send it to me, u will get 2,3. or 5 mods from the list...

Initial D Live Action ver. Toyota AE86 WITH 4age 16valve Engine

DEATH RACE Toyota Thundra
3.Bosozoku Tampa
Excel Replica Onevia
Final Fantasy Noctis skin from DAZI-DA revenge

MMD Yowane Haku+Neru

So yea, when u give me the one i want. thenn u get what u want :3
So send me there and i give what mod u want from that list


Project Diva Dreamy Theater:鏡音レン

きょう鏡音レンのProject Diva Dreamy TheaterばんをSAPedにつくりました。これはじつはMMDからです。SakineTetoさんがMMDにコンヴぁートして、そしてぼくがそのあとにSAにコンヴぁートしました。このModのダウンロードはありません。