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Video:Hatsune Miku Bday drift+Pics of BMW Z4 from the vid

Happy Bday to ma lovely wife :D

Happy Bday to Miku :3

yo guyss guess what day it is XD? Today is 8/31 which is Miku's Bday XDD Yeahh and right now im making a dori vid of her and a BMW Z4 that im making and you'll see em in the vid :D

Happy bday Miku :3 your 20 already XD


New Release mod project

well guys I was bored as fuck today since japan rained hard and loud thunderstorm and I thought of making a new project which is going to be a release mods for CRRPG and RP, DM, and other server that allows guns. Its the GTA4+EFLC guns. As you guys can notice, GTA SA has guns with Low poly and LQ texture which really fucks my brain. Sooooooooooooo Yeah I thought of making GTA4 and EFLC weapons to SA. Since im bored so ye dont ask for it when u see the prog or DIE

Shirovia less tuned+BRS The game in PSP Emulator

and I downloaded BRS the game for PSP emulator and the stuffs are actually good on it but the prob is the lag and the audio goes missing.

Does anyone knows how to fix the lag problem on it? If so plz say it in shoutbox thx


Finally tommorow :D BRS the game

tommorow, the game is finally coming out :D Black rock shooter the game XD and you guys might wanna buy the game since it looks more epic than cod, gta or any games :D heres the trailer of the game :D


Redsuns imposter? Orly?!

after i quitted SAMP, lot of my friends sented me lot of information that Avail is thinking of doin this bullcrap that'll start a flame war. A friend of mine sented Avail is thinking of making a SAMP clan that is Redsuns which is KEISUKE and RYOSUKE's clan. this dumbass thinks theyre offline when theyre not, Redsuns is active you just cant find them because they go into SAMP with different name while u play Avail Hitler. first of all Avail, you really gotta stop using your friends as your shield, using your friends, and betraying your friends! Dont even try stealing mods anymore since you stole Raf's Tandem assasin, Keisuke's 86, and almost EVERYONE's hard work! fuckface


Off of SAMP till craps ends....

well guys I thought of going off of SAMP community cuz of these reasons:
1.U guys adds me and asks for mods
2.U guys starts insulting bcuz u cant get mods
3.I thought that SAMP is for no-lifer since people begs like baby
4.Most my friends are off of SAMP so i thought of going off of Internet world

But just bcuz i quitted SAMP doesnt mean im quitting GTA, so yeah even if u read this post dont ask for cars.


Mod-addicts, Mod druggies, just bcuz of mods -.-

Peoples on SAMP rly cares about JUST mods -.- . Last year when i started to play SAMP, It wasnt about mods. But this year, people became really noobish and just starts to leak mods, beg for mods, and even hack emails for mods. If u guys notice, I actually doesnt play SAMP these days bcuz u guys only care about mods and start a chat war just bcuz u cant get that mod. No offence but the kinds who only care about mods and starts begging till you get that mod are really stupid. Even if u spam-ask, you will NOT get it. Gawd people on SAMP community are cold these days. And that is why not new vids or post of drugs are coming on my blog or youtube. so guys STFU, if u talk about sending and not sending mods on MSN or skype, ignored and blocked. I cant take any longer of craps that u guys does these days, I'll play SAMP ofc but I'll ignore any crap about drugs from mod-addicts and crackheads. kthxbai


3 posts in 1, S14 Zenki Mimi ver update, BRS w/EFLC clothes, Dreamy Theater Neru

hey guys, it been a week or so not making posts. I re-edited the S14 Zenki i made with Wini's new wheels. Also with better camber heights.

I was bored soo i made BRS skin with EFLC cloth NO DOWNLOAD!!
Akita Neru from Dreamy Theater


Onevia update 8/03/2011


yoo guys, I updated my Onevia and now the name is also changed to Shirovia. I updated the bumpers and the pj. and noww it looks soo sick now. No dls or to be sended. so dont ask.

video enjoy :)



yo guys, Dr1ftee found out the hacker's email address which is I know you guys wouldn't believe it but take a look at this picture.

and one thing i may hear is "I dont get it what does that do with hacking?" well the answer to that is. look at the email address on that pic next to update->"" this is a fake email if you did not look, bcuz
1.Usually should have (like
2.If this happens, it suppose to go to the original site instead of replying it. says in the back, soo that's completely a fake email address of

These days people hacks and do something stupid JUST FOR MODS. Mods are really like drugs to SA community now, all they like to do beg beg beg like a baby when they dont do it in real life cuz they're too embarrassed to do it. If hacker nabs are reading this,

and yeah from my words to peoples who are reading this
Whenever you get a email like this "your email are hacked etc." dont trust any that doesnt went with the the email company that you use(ex.MSN account and you get mail from other service)

and hey, dont think Dr1ftee as a hacker just bcuz he found it. If you did, you wont able to have friends